R. Eugene Jackson

jacksonreu Welcome to the website of my published plays.

I was born in Helena, Arkansas. In my early years, we moved many times to keep up with fast-moving pipelines where my father worked. When I was to enter middle school, we settled in Memphis, and I was there until I graduated from the University of Memphis. I received my M.A. in Theatre from Kent State University a year later, then taught high school in Antwerp, Ohio. I went back to graduate school at Ohio State University, married a great woman, taught at Wisconsin State University at Eau Claire under a one year contract, and served two years at San Francisco State University . Afterward, we moved to Carbondale, Illinois, where my son was born and where I completed my Ph.D. in Theatre at Southern Illinois University under the brilliant playwriting professor Dr. Christian Moe. Finally we moved to Mobile, Alabama, where I spent the rest of my teaching career at the University of South Alabama.

I started writing and acting early and developed skits and short plays in elementary and middle schools. I won a few playwriting awards, but my first published play was Ferdinand and the Dirty Knight, which was chosen by the late Shubert Fendrich of Pioneer Drama Service. Since then I have been fortunate to have a large number of plays selected for publication.

Writing is a very lonely profession, done in the quiet solitude of my home “office.” But it is also very rewarding to see others take a script and create characters and actions for “my” people and to watch audiences (hopefully) enjoy and be thrilled by these characters. It serves for me the twin purposes of a great leisure activity and an outlet for whatever emotions, creativity, and thoughts may be crammed into this churning brain of mine and demanding release. I also enjoy reading, ballroom dancing, playing the violin, and acting in movies.